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Ob klassische Werbung, PR, Film oder Web – seit mehr als 18 Jahren suchen und finden wir Lösungswege für Kunden, die uns am Herzen liegen.

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Bit by bit – the world is becoming digital

Whatever the channel of communication, it’s going through a period of change. Above all, it’s changing to digital – just like us!

That’s why: be it apps, social media platforms or new web concepts: We are constantly developing new ideas for our customers and implementing them together with our network specialists.

The result: Full-service support, where current SEO requirements are as integral as sophisticated content marketing concepts and compliance with current data protection guidelines.


In the beginning was the word

Whether it’s print advertising, classic specialist PR, corporate publishing concepts or below-the-line: in terms of print media, we certainly are nobody’s fool.

Every day, for more than 18 years, we have been providing surprising and convincing moments on paper: this starts with creative special formats and ranges from holistic editorial concepts to customer magazines, newsletters and image brochures.

Of course, we don’t just stop at content – we also provide the complete implementation right through to production.

Dental content

Toothless concepts? Not with us!

The dental world has been our home for 18 years. There’s no doubt: the market knows us – and we know the market. And above all, its versatile possibilities.

We apply this knowledge – in convincing product campaigns and long-term effective PR strategies. Using our dental expertise and marketing know-how to create scenarios that get people talking.

In short: when it comes to dental, we not only have many years of competence and youthful enthusiasm – above all, we also have “bite”.


No compromise: the look must be right

Communication is also visual. Whether film and photo, logo or image brochure: often it is precisely the visual stimuli or surprising design elements that inspire and generate attention.

The fact is: pictures provoke emotions. And pictures create ideas. We therefore support your brand with a keen eye for visuals that inspire and persuade.

To achieve this, we work with a team of excellent specialists. For added value that’s there for all to see!


Strategy is a question of trust

Your brand is your most important asset. Anyone who understands how to successfully navigate the labyrinth of communication makes a significant contribution to its value.

That’s why, based on detailed analysis, we ensure that your brand receives exactly the right approach. Vision, strategy and implementation in perfect unison.

In so doing, we sharpen the brand and carefully develop a brand personality that is as effective as it is persuasive. Thereby achieving brand positioning that communicates content and sustainably attracts target groups. And of course, we also implement holistic communication planning for you, exactly aligning your brand with your target group, range and contacts. The best is: you’ll be convinced yourself!


We bring together what belongs together

With the right event, that creates the right buzz, news will travel further. This is exactly what we want to inspire – with the right idea, the ideal location, the perfect mix of guests and an implementation that leaves no questions unanswered.

Therefore: from the intimate press conference to the complete road show, we work with you to develop event concepts that last long in the memory. For all the right reasons!

We develop exhibition stands that always get to the heart of the brand, because the public image is the most important business card for every product. No compromise, simply the guarantee of a presentation that is as unique as the product itself.

Unser Erfolgsrezept? Kreativität plus Kompetenz plus Kontakte.

Wo es auch langgehen soll: Wir finden für Sie den richtigen Pfad.

Personal advice

The basis for a long-term and successful working relationship.

Full Service

Our speciality is dental and healthcare – but with our expertise we can also serve many other niches.


Especially with regard to the dental and health market, no one knows this business better than us.


Die Köpfe hinter Pfadfinder Kommunikation

Olaf Tegtmeier

Olaf Tegtmeier

Founder and Managing Director
Olaf is the founder and managing director of Pfadfinder Kommunikation. In addition to football (St. Pauli), the heart of the world’s greatest Prince fan also beats for classic cars and travel.
Cyndia Hartke

Cyndia Hartke

Cyndia is passionate about travelling and tasting the culinary delights of the world. Her travels can even inspire the creation of the occasional illustrated cookbook.
Patrick Schröder

Patrick Schröder

Patrick is a gamer – heart and soul! His passion for classic comics can now be read in his tattoos!


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